10 years in health sector

For a healthy life, a human body needs a balanced nutrition. However, because of the existing eating habits, the body cannot get the necessary vitamins, minerals and many natural sources for everyday life.

This fact effects everyone, especially the babies and children. The reason is, the vitamins and minerals, which cannot be taken through the growth and development period may cause many diseases in the future. Therefore, it is recommended for everyone, who wants to stay healthy, to use food supplements, which includes the necessary vitamins and minerals for daily life.

Medfors Farma Medical Products Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. was established in 2007 under the structure of Ördekcioglu Holding and entered the pharmaceutical industry by importing and selling Babuline Herbal Syrup.

In 2011, the company started to produce in its own production facility. In the second half of the year of 2013 the Research and Development (R&D) laboratory was established.  In the past few years Medfors Farma increased its product variety, expanded its staff with qualified personnel.

In 2016 Medfors Farma became the only Distributor in Turkey of two successful companies Vitals and BetterYou.

Vitals is one of the strongest food supplement companies in Holland.

BetterYou is an innovative company, which proved itself with its spray formed food supplements in England.

Medfors Farma, which puts an emphasis to quality, has ISO 900:2015, HACCP and GMP Certificates and produces according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Powered by its vision “Strong future with healthy generations”, Medfors Farma keeps producing, working and developing itself for healthier and stronger generations.


Production and R&D

Medfors Farma never compromise on quality. Therefore, it purchases the starting materials (raw materials and package) only from the provider firms, who has Analyse Certificates.

By its experienced team, Medfors Farma realizes research, development and production stages of a product successfully and produces according to HACCP, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO 9001:2015 standards. After the production, the products are presented to the customers safely.


Our Aims

               The future target of Medfors Farma is to be one of the leading companies in food supplement sector in Turkey. In order to achieve this                  aim, Medfors Farma has been continuing its investments.


Our Core Values

               Medfors Farma’s core values are;


               We believe that the quality of our products and customer satisfaction should be at the highest level. For this aim, we keep renewing and                developing ourselves.


               With our result oriented working principle and our decisiveness, we search for solution paths, which help us to achieve our next goal.                    We obey the decisions and the scheduled times of the company, and work within the company rules.


               In this sector, which is all about human health, the everything should be done properly, honestly and transparently. We attach                                importance to build trust with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and business partners and continue our work by sticking moral                        values.


               Teamwork is the secret of success!  Therefore, we trust our colleagues and work with a team spirit for our common goal.


Quality Policy

              Medfors Farma is a customer oriented company, which has an effective management through   its vision and aims. The company                           prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides an appropriate job area for its employees. Reviewing and improving its systems, supplying               the required sources, conforming to legal procedures, trying to extend beyond its own standards, producing and selling the products,                    which are suitable for human health are also very significant for Medfors Farma.


Environmental Policy

               Medfors Farma pays attention to utilize natural resources, rules and legislation and waste decomposition. This environmentally                              conscious company also evaluates environmental pollution and its effects from supplier to end consumer in order to control and to                        diminish the environmental effects of its products